Asphalt Overlays

If you have an existing asphalt job needing attention, Peneprime can install an asphalt overlay. Peneprime’s asphalt experts will assess the existing asphalt and determine what steps to take and what type of asphalt and thickness we recommend. Our crew knows exactly what to do for this type of work. You can be confident in the quality of the work we do for you.

What’s an asphalt overlay?

It’s like giving your old surface a fresh coat of asphalt paint. Whether it’s concrete or asphalt underneath, we can make it shine without starting from scratch. If any weak spots need fixing, we’ll sort that out first – no worries. Usually, we lay down about 2 inches of fresh asphalt, and before that, we slap on an adhesive tack coat to make sure the new stuff sticks to the old stuff. And when we’re joining up the new with the old, we do a bit of edge milling to keep things smooth.

Our Project Managers at Peneprime are seasoned pros. They have the know-how and experience to determine precisely what your road or parking lot needs. Best part? We’ll swing by your project site for a free evaluation – no strings attached. So, kick back and let us handle your asphalt overlay needs. We’ve got the skills, and we’re ready to prove it.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling.