While the guys are working hard in the field, it’s important to spotlight the incredible women making waves behind the scenes. Meet Fayla Cunningham, the powerhouse running the show at Peneprime of Arkansas.

For a decade now, Fayla has been the backbone of our office, handling everything from bids to contracts, pay apps, HR, AR, and everything in between. Her dedication and expertise keep our operations running smoothly day in and day out.

But Fayla’s impact doesn’t stop there. She’s an active WIC Greater Little Rock chapter member, dedicating her time and energy to supporting and empowering other women in the industry. One of her favorite moments? The annual bowling tournament, where she and Roz, who boast an impressive 40+ years at Peneprime, ensure all paperwork is meticulously handled.

In the spirit of celebration, Fayla wants to give a special shout-out to her mother, Roz Rector. Roz has been a pillar of strength within Peneprime of Arkansas for four decades, single-handedly managing the office with grace and resilience. Fayla couldn’t be prouder of her mother’s accomplishments and wanted to recognize her as the true rockstar she was.

So, during Women in Construction Week, we honor the contributions of women like Fayla and Roz and invite you to celebrate their achievements. And remember, for all your paving needs, Peneprime of Arkansas is just a call away.